A source of knowledge about motivation. We combine biometric research with neuromarketing and psychophysiological tests to get the best results in preparing marketing communication, sales content and e-learning methods.


  • emotional and cognitive responses to brands and products
  • emotional and cognitive responses to video materials
  • engagement analysis


  • research on the UX of websites
  • A/B testing
  • research on the engagement
  • research on the attractiveness of the layout


  • optimization of a conversion paths
  • shopping motivation study
  • customer’s journey analysis
  • testing the effectiveness of a product cards


  • research on the UX of e-learning materials
  • research on the effectiveness of training materials

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An e‑commerce story of content

Together with Amica, a leader in the market of household appliances, we have developed a dedicated rich-content e‑commerce platform, optimizing the entire customer journey at online retail channels.

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