Educational e-learning platform for Škoda employees

How to make the Škoda onboarding and training process more efficient and fun at the same time? To face this challenge we have developed a dedicated learning platform Škoda Training System with engaging online courses integrated directly with brand’s coaching process.


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Raising the bar for employee skills

Raising the bar for employee skills

Škoda employees acquire a vast amount of knowledge at traditional offline training courses. To make it more accessible and interactive we have launched a dedicated tool that monitors each user’s personal development path supplying unique elearning techniques. Škoda Training System uses advanced memorisable interactive mechanisms that help dealership employees address the right message to the right customers. As an addition we use gamification to increase motivation and promote self-development.


Effective onboarding process

Having a new recruit on board is a challenge on its own. How to prepare your new employees to make their progress fast and their first months painless? Škoda Training System support individual training paths based on professional experience and abilities. Assisting along the onboarding process it allows senior staff to monitor and react at the right moment, keeping the entire process as clear and engaging as possible.


Turning theory into know-how

Škoda Training System supports online live training using webinars to allow coaches to reach a broader audience. Knowledge base is available at any time and best practice comes in handy if users have certain issues to address while assisting their customers. Learning tools accompany people right where they need it.


Easy access to the platform

Easy access to the platform

Our platform is for learning and focuses on making it as friendly as possible. To manage user databases and employee records it is strictly integrated with an internal management system of Volkswagen Group, which allows its members easy access to high quality content directly from their business devices without having to haggle.

Innovative approach to effective digital training

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