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When it comes to internal brand communication, constant development of employee skills and competences are key to maintaining a strong market position while expanding sales. In order to make the process effective and intuitive we focus on high quality digital training methods using valuable content as well as attractive user experience.

Amicademia - an interactive learning platform developed for one of the European leaders on the household appliances market - Amica - is the first source of knowledge about brand’s vision, values and product range for both: employees and sales representatives, as well as B2B salespersons from largest retail chains. Each course is strictly consulted and designed according to technical specifications of each client.


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Easy access to learning material

Easy access to learning material

We began with adapting brand’s corporate and product identity to variable and differentitated expectations of the target group, which was vastly represented by salespersons rotating between competitive retailers. To make it more accessible we made our platform fully responsive and easily accessible via any device connected to the internet. In that way no matter the user’s availability, it is always there to give a helping hand.


Maintaining high engagement

Traditional offline training is best when it comes to one-to-one lessons and immediate feedback. However the large amount of information about the product range, along with specifiic technical descirptions is simply hard to cope with without e-learning. To make it effective, we pay strong attention to visual and interactive mechanisms which help memorize better. By adding gamification we make it more encouraging and user-friendly.

We have successfully managed to incorporate digital training during offline courses using webinars, live presentations and online conferences.


Responsive feedback about results

We keep in-depth statistics about lessons, tests and user engagement. To make it more readable we display them in a more friendly manner allowing Amica staff to analyse the results and plan ahead.

Amicademia is currently considered to be a benchmark among learning management systems setting standards for retail training programmes on the household appliance market in Poland.

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