The fast-moving consumer goods industry requires decisive action to distinguish the brand from the numerous competitors, so we designed many creative, original and strategic solutions to activate consumers.

About the emotion behind HP Papers

Successful execution of a large-scale international 360 campaign with activation aimed at promoting a new line of papers from the high standard/premium segment.​
  • The campaign was available on 3 continents: the US, Europe and West Asia (Turkey).​
  • As much as 100 kg of paper was reused.
  • Developing a leitmotif for an image campaign based on consumer activation in six variants.​
  • Production of promotional key visuals and spots.
  • Creation of extensive rich content product pages.






Let us tell you a story of a consumer activation campaign brought to life on international markets.

How to build an engaging story for 10 European markets? HP Papers brought us this challenge, and we replied with a unique tale of love between printer and paper, highlighting the synergy between brands’ two key products.

The main goal of the consumer activation for HP Papers was to promote a new line of freshly rebranded products (standard and premium) in a simple, smart and positive way, underlining HP’s values and leadership in the printing business.

Challenge 1: How to retrieve emotions from paper?

Our cooperation with HP Papers began with thorough strategic analysis of its competitive market. As a result we have focused on the emotional bond between two separate HP products, expressing the power of their synergy as a perfect duo: printer and paper. The act of printing received a creative touch of expression, full of emotion and passion. Thanks to three vital elements: printer, ink and paper of the HP family, the final effect receives an extraordinary quality of visual perfection.

Inspiration through innovation and technology and a customized approach to reality
Emotions through empathetic, “human” communication, giving human qualities to objects and using emotive language
Preservation thanks to practicality and efficiency of the product and in personalised consumption.

Key brand goals were introduced, having in mind their cohesive image: education (pre-purchase information, rebranding), consumer takeout (reinventing print) and sales (consumer activation, reseller support). The key creative idea was based on 6 separate paper types, all rooting on printers’ affection towards paper. End users being mainly home office workers, individuals and small businesses were attracted by an original story of well prepared, inspiring and reliable workflow. Promotional key visuals reached out towards printers and ink as necessary complementary products to HP paper.

Challenge 2: Creating universal tools for international distributors

Paper distributors – stationary shops, retailers, online wholesalers – play a key role in brands conversation with small businesses and individuals. It became crucial to engage them in consumer activations and rebranding communication, which was centralised at, a dedicated platform with rich content product pages about the entire HP portfolio.

Instead of local adaptations we decided to create a mullti-regional and multi-lingual toolkit for all HP Paper Europe markets. It consisted of defined templates keeping global communication coherent and in-line with brand identity.

Challenge 3: How to creatively talk about rebranding?

In 2017 HP reduced the number of paper types from 14 to 6, introducing a major rebrand of the entire paper portfolio. The mail goal was to simplify the choice for the customer, the goal for us was to present the entire process in a clear, understandable way and support it with a global communication campaign.

3 stories of printer defiance were created, each of them against forced, unoriginal paper. Sceneries of a small office, home and apartment became a background for creative films accompanied by digital campaigns, consumer activation and reseller toolkits.

The final result of our work changed the way paper is treated by consumers, making it more human, personifying its benefits in an engaging story. “What printers dream of” campaign presented the brand in a lively, easy going manner as a helping, caring partner of everyday struggles at work and home.

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