From integrated campaigns to website design, this is how we support the healthcare industry, where we turn creative solutions into increased consumer activity and better brand image.

Change your point of view

As part of the cooperation, we prepared a comprehensive campaign called “Change Your Point of View,” which was about building awareness of psoriasis.

  • We have created a website that collects and systematizes the most important information on. diseases, conveying them in an accessible and attractive way.
  • The dedicated website aimed at patients had an educational and informational dimension – we programmed an interactive map with marked treatment centers so that recipients could easily get help in their city.
  • We implemented a series of organic social media campaigns, establishing a partnership with the Union of Psoriasis Associations.
  • We created a campaign to support and promote the “Change Your Point of View” campaign to increase the possibility of reaching more patients with our educational offerings.
  • We also took care of the continuation of the campaign – we updated the content on the website, information about medical facilities and prepared a series of posts for social media communication.





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