The fast-moving consumer goods industry requires decisive action to distinguish the brand from the numerous competitors, so we designed many creative, original and strategic solutions to activate consumers.

Consistent communication at the interface with the consumer

Creating a new brand from scratch – from setting its mission and vision to the visual identity of the products.

  • To give an identity and establish a brand strategy.
  • Creating a consistent brand image and emphasizing the passion and commitment, of the people who make it up, which is represented by the slogan “Open to freshness”.
  • Design a graphic design for the products offered by FoodMakers that harmonizes with the values represented by the company.
  • A website design that was consistent with the brand image and supported a positive customer experience.





With the Foodmakers brand, we've been around since the beginning, from 2017. Together with the customer, we have developed a basis that consumers can appreciate to this day. By creating the DNA of the foundation, we have set a mission and vision for the brand, defined its values, shaped its character and committed ourselves to responsibility for the quality of the products.

Challenge 1: Full responsibility and full fit

We wanted Foodmakers to become not only a leader in the ‘ready-to-eat food’ in Poland, but also, and perhaps aboveall, a partner for consumers in terms of balanced and valuable food.

While creating Foodmakers, we assumed that at the heart of each of its activities will lie the responsibility, which, thanks to awareness and planned actions, will guarantee consumers the highest quality product and perfectly match their expectations, lifestyle, culinary habits. We wanted the brand to always be close enough to the needs of its recipients to change with them.

Challenge 2: Translating passion into the needs of the consumer

The biggest motivation for creating a new brand was for us to constantly develop and search for new opportunities. We focused on the fact that Foodmakers are primarily people who believe in the meaning of their work and who share a shared passion for healthy and good food.

By creating a product, they continue to search for new technological solutions, flavors, products from local suppliers and proven sources, so that they are able to guarantee the freshness of their meals. Their passion and commitment is represented by the slogan “Open up to freshness”, behind which lies the promise of always natural, unique and high-quality offer.

Challenge 3: Where the values meet new technology

In line with the values that guide of the brand actions, we have designed a graphic design for the products offered by Foodmakers. The clear and minimalist layout, with short textual references to the values mentioned above, has been combined with the latest technology used to produce eco-friendly and safe e.g. packaging, consistent at any point in contact with the recipient and building a positive experience.

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