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For fans from fans: VW's content campaign

The “Make yourself comfortable, you’re at home!” campaign created by Volkswagen fans and experts selected through an unconventional casting call via the brand’s social media, encouraging people to buy genuine accessories and take advantage of VW’s service offerings.

  • 10 videos (including 3 service videos and 5 accessory videos).
  • Custom storytelling: the videos were created with the creative input of the people involved (fans of the brand), and were produced with their help.
  • The result of our work is an accessible, understandable and interesting narrative that presents Volkswagen’s offerings.
  • Dedicated to the resulting video content landing page and communication media.




Building engagement and creating communities around products and services requires finding more and more unusual solutions. That's why the content campaign we've prepared for Volkswagen after-sales service has only been supported by the brand. It was entirely realized by fans of the brand – owners of cars they use daily. Find out what challenges we faced during the process.

Challenge 1: Finding brand ambassadors

A unique campaign required finding innovation in reaching the right people to participate in it. The bar was suspended high – people which were to be selected, will give our actions authenticity and sincerity. So we decided to abandon traditional casting in favor of reaching to the fans and users of Volkswagen cars.

They were selected thanks to a meticulous analysis of the client’s social media. We took into account their activity and engagement. Thanks to these conditions, we were able to select a few people that we invited to the initial collaboration, and based on the video business cards they sent, we’ve identified the characters that match the campaign. They became: Iwona and Tomek, a married couple of wedding reporters, and Natalia, a barista who runs her own coffee roastery and is the Polish Barista Champion.

The people found are not only users of Volkswagen cars, but also enthusiasts of activities that they deal with on a daily basis. By this, the video materials prepared at a further stage of the work gained an intriguing storytelling.

Challenge 2: Different people, different perspectives

The selection of people who differ not only in their profession, but also in their lifestyle, the model of the car used or the place where they live every day, allowed us to achieve multi-voice:

Iwona and Tomek – users of a Volkswagen Golf 7 – became the heroes of a family and home series featuring their daughter, Jagna. They describe the world of the brand from the perspective of parents, paying attention to their authentic needs; Natalia Kwiatkowska – a Volkswagen Golf GTI user – invites viewers into her world – entrepreneurial, passionate, dynamic and abundant with inspiring activities.

Different perspectives allow you to reach a wide audience, and from the characters themselves have made the best ambassadors of the Volkswagen brand.

Challenge 3: Extracting authenticity from product reviews

After selecting the topics of the episodes and assigning them to specific characters, there was a shipment of the product for review, which were Original Volkswagen accessories®. Collecting opinions from Iwona, Tomek and Natalia about the accessories being tested, combined with interviews, made it possible to prepare draft pre-recordings that take into account the real user experience. These were nottypical, rigid scenarios. Working on video content required flexibility, mobility and space for spontaneous ideas that were already on the film set itself.

Importantly, it was implemented largely in the natural surroundings of the characters. Natalia shows viewers her own high-quality coffee roastery, which she runs together with her partner in Olsztyn. In turn, Iwona and Tomek invite you to their apartment, where they talk about their lives and how the car they chosen responds to the needs their of marriage. Because of that, it became possible at the start to extract authenticity, which is a value for the final recipients of content.

In preparing the content campaign for the Volkswagen brand, we have given up on involving a professional film crew. Iwona and Tomek, professional reporters, also stood on the other side of the camera, recording some of the episodes. On the film set itself, leading role was our characters and their spontaneous ideas. The creativity we experienced on set made sure we were right to choose the right people for the campaign.

Challenge 4: Expert advice provided in an accessible way

The content campaign for the Volkswagen brand is not only reviews of brand accessories, but also service sections that pay attention to the correct operation of the car on a daily basis, the rules of safe driving and ways to extend the life of the vehicle.

To include the educational message of the prepared films – Iwona, Tomek and Natalia gained the substantive support of specialists. The plan therefore included a long-time Volkswagen Authorized Service Technician, a product trainer and an instructor in driving technology improvement. The characters had the opportunity to ask them questions that have always bothered them, as well as to deal with popular myths.

Iwona, Tomek and Natalia were invited to the Poznań ASO, where they could find out how – step by step – the process of carrying out various service services looks like. The implementation of one of the sections took place in the driving improvement center, where a specialist shared ways to drive safe in winter. Another was recorded in a car wash where a product trainer shared his extensive knowledge of proper car care.

Challenge 5: Promoting content campaign

During the promotion process of the content campaign, the slogan that constitutes its theme “Make yourself happy – you are at home” was chosen. Prepared video content also received its own landing page “Service and accessories through the eyes of fans”.

On it, too, there are extensive descriptions of creations, in which storytelling plays an important role. These are the real stories of authentic users of Volkswagen cars, Volkswagen genuine accessories® and people using Volkswagen Authorized Services – deeply anchored in their everyday life.

The completed campaign can be seen at:

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