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In the electronics & appliances industry, we have pioneered the development of attractive and personalized forms of content presentation, resulting in positive product perception and increased decision-making among brand customers.

Innovative approach to employee competence development

Amicademia is a powerful training platform, facilitating the acquisition of knowledge through interactive e-learning, aimed at B2B sales network employees and Amica Group employees.

  • Modern interactive product training for sales representatives and sales networks.
  • More than 5,000+ trained employees in B2B sales networks.
  • 500+ product trainings.
  • An extensive system for collecting data/statistics and reporting on educational progress.
  • Technological preparation of webinar studio, more than 100+ live trainings with gamification elements.






The platform provides a knowledge base for two target groups: employees of the B2B sales network, who explore Amica products there, and training paths for the Amica group employees. The project allows retail chains to perform product training on their own training platforms.

Challenge 1: Easy access to educational materials

As we began working on the project, we identified the most essential components of effective e-learning, confronting them with the assumptions and expectations of the brand and the two target groups. One of them is easy access to educational content. Thanks to the fact that the platform is designed according to the principles of Responsive Web Design, it can be run on any medium anywhere with internet access. This allows the recipient a great deal of freedom to use its resources according to their daily routine.

Challenge 2: Maintain the recipient's interest

Training courses for employees often cover a wide range of material that is hard to assimilate in a standard form during classroom training. In order for the information to remain attractive to the audience throughout the lesson, the form of the message is therefore important. The unique interactive training format we offer increases content recall and the desire to acquire knowledge. By weaving gamification into a substantive message, employees are more likely to use the platform’s resources.

As we developed the platform and added more forms of learning, we made it possible to post webinars, or online conferences and presentations, as an alternative to in-person meetings.

Challenge 3: Quick verification of results

In addition to training, the Amicademia platform has an extensive source of statistics on lessons learned. The information is presented in a clear way that makes it easy to analyze the results. The platform also makes it possible to organize and quickly distribute all materials related to the company’s operations, providing an easily accessible knowledge base for the user.

Thanks to the comprehensive implementation of the project and its extensive capabilities, responding precisely to the customer’s needs, Amicademia has become a platform with the best training in the home appliance market in Poland.

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