Retail & Electronics

In the retail & electronics industry, we have pioneered the development of attractive and personalized forms of content presentation, resulting in positive product perception and increased decision-making among brand customers.

Rich coffee in online stores

Implementing interactive modules that increase customer engagement by introducing them to compelling storytelling.
  • 160 product cards – rich content.
  • 10 landing pages to support the brand’s sales campaigns.
  • 4 e-retailers in the consumer electronics/appliances segment.
  • Simplify the language of communication – focus on benefits and emphasize the most important information.
  • Clear graphic layer.




High-quality educational and sales content for coffee enthusiasts

For years, we have been preparing high-quality sales content for the Nespresso brand that effectively achieves several goals: friendly education, increasing conversions and building an engaging storytelling. We’ve simplified the way technical information is presented, making it easier for users to have a path to a machine that fits their needs. We produce rich content cards, brand sales campaigns and excellent product communication with key business partners.

Challenge 1: Present technical features in product sheets

The brand’s product portfolio includes machines with different capabilities, so they work well for both beginners and advanced users. With both target groups in mind, we simplified the language of communication, focusing on the benefits and emphasizing the essentials. We don’t just sell, we educate consumers ahead of the questions that are popular among them. In the visual layer, we focused on transparency and modules that show how the devices work. The outcome of the above-mentioned treatments is not only to increase conversions, but also to build brand loyalty as a coffee expert.

Challenge 2: Landing pages to support brand sales campaigns

We also prepare landing pages for Nespresso, supporting the brand’s sales campaigns. We maintain them in the spirit of user-friendliness, so they achieve high conversions and meet the brand’s business goals. We have effectively simplified the conditions for receiving benefits on purchases, reducing them to a few basic steps. We tailor each promotional campaign to the current KV, making them unique and accurately matching a specific theme.

Challenge 3: Product communication at the brand's key e-commerce partners

We are steadily increasing the number of e-retailers of the Nespresso brand. Our long-standing cooperation is dynamically growing product card capabilities. The rich content we create is always tailored to the environment of a particular store, so that the content displayed by users is always readable and equally effective, regardless of the device they use.

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