The most important elements in product card design

| Author: Maciej Nowacki
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The product card appears as the ultimate landing page to effectively sell a product. That’s why it’s so important to ensure thoughtful content and design, as well as technological solutions, to effectively influence the consumer’s decision. When designing a card, you need to pay attention to several specific elements that are of great importance in e-commerce.

Consistency with communication and brand image


The design of the product card cannot be detached from the communication and brand image. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the color scheme, typography, product categories and overall brand character. As a result, the cards created will be a consistent communication element that will fit perfectly into the existing brand identity.


It is also important to prepare unique texts that guide consumers through product features and functions in an interesting way, and keep them longer on the site and help them make decisions. It is also important to match graphics, the execution of which will facilitate the assimilation of information, showing the assortment in a specific context or specifying its advantages.





Best practices and automation


Card design also requires thoughtful solutions that follow modern UX/UI practices. This will make the consumer want to stay on the site and navigate the product card in an intuitive way. Building a thoughtful experience will not interfere with what is most important – learning about the product and getting information about it. It is also important that the product cards are prepared in the spirit of RWD, so that they can adapt to any type of device – laptop, phone or tablet.

On the other hand, during the implementation phase of product cards, it is important to take care of extensive automation through various systems, such as. PIM, marketplace or CMS. This will make it much easier to manage and generate content, ensuring order and convenience.

Matching the requirements of e-retailers


It is also of no small importance to tailor product cards to the requirements set by e-retailers – appropriate headings dissected in the code or resolution of graphics. Often you should also pay attention to the uniqueness of the content and what modules the broker allows, as some do not accept internal linking to other products.


Adjustment of technical parameters is extremely important to gain acceptance by e-retailers and, consequently, the proper presentation of the card in the online store.





Engaging modules


Rich content allows the use of attractive modules that positively increase consumer engagement. In product card templates, it is therefore important to use a variety of components that enrich the message and presentation of a product.


A good product charter takes into account, among other things:


  • differentiators – a graphic expression of product features that, when interacted with, shows a concise description of the product’s functions/applications;
  • hotspots – interactive dots placed on the product (pulsating plus symbols) that accurately highlight a particular asset;
  • Extended descriptions – longer texts combined with graphics or animations, which use the language of benefits to tell about the specific use of the product and its advantages;
  • icons – infographics that usually present additional product features in succinct wording;
  • FAQ – question and answer section, which is designed to dispel consumer doubts that arise in their minds when reading the card.


When designing product cards, we pay attention to a number of factors that are important to the effectiveness of their implementation and later functioning in the online space. We take care of all the elements mentioned above, as you will see by learning about our implementation.

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