Research Design

We will offer you apt methodologies and personalized research scenarios.

We create a research scenario

At the research design stage, we will take into account the individual needs of your business – so that the knowledge you gain from the analysis will result in an increase in KPIs. Years of experience and partnerships with brands from different industries allow us to act quickly and effectively.

We look to the future

Standard analytics are currently not enough, so we decided to combine them with consumer motivation research. This allows us to accurately predict the future of an industry and effectively help achieve its long-term goals.

We organize the research environment

We will carefully select the group of respondents to reflect your current consumers as accurately as possible. We also have the ability to create a research environment that will analyze the motivations of the target group you are yet to attract.

We seek the truth by examining emotions

We know that in valuable research, the human factor is the most important. We will consider tools, methodologies and the use of modern equipment that allows us to explore emotions and the truth hidden behind opinions.

We are building an image as an innovation leader

In the research design stage, we can take into account the possibility of permanent cooperation in the scope of the research laboratory. Not only will you receive accurate recommendations on an ongoing basis, but you will also gain an image as an industry leader-innovator.

Valuable knowledge in a short time

Together with you, we will establish a work schedule that satisfies you. Faster and more complete access to qualitative knowledge will allow you to stay ahead of your major market competitors.

Research process

Only 4 steps separate you from successfully achieving your business goals.

Scope and areas of research services

Knowledge of motivation is valuable in many business areas. Discover our fields of action.


Research Design

We will offer you pertinent methodologies and effective research scenarios to gain reliable knowledge.



Combining methods

We will match hardware, software and research tools to your business needs.



Data collection

We will gather data for you at real time, and then link the findings to incentives.



Analysis and research report

We will visualize the research results, export the hard data and give you in-depth analytics.



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