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Digital transformation of Volkswagen Aftersales services

Our goal was to develop new after-sales communication channels and introduce the VW brand to the digital world by implementing a number of integrated campaigns.​
  • Over 100 completed campaigns.​
  • Channels: GDN, SoMe, Meta, Outdoor, Radio, BTL, Direct, Print.
  • Creating websites that allow personalization of services, offer a high user experience and promote VW brand products at the same time.
  • Over 90% of the brand’s dealers involved.






Marketing activities for close to 80 authorized dealerships of Volkswagen in Poland up to 2015 were mainly focused on traditional BTL services. Facing a challenge, which was to re-establish an integrated, centralised communication of the aftersales segment between the dealer network and the brand's HQ, we quickly dedicated ourselves to switch to digital and new media channels.

Challenge 1: First digital steps

The first phase of our collaboration concentrated on in-depth analysis and discovering the uniqueness of the aftersales services themselves. Challenged with strong attachment to well known, traditional means of communication by the market leaders of the automotive industry, we began with network education and consistent introduction of revolutionary format of dealer marketing tools. Central creative platform was established, which resulted in dedicated key visuals, websites, print and POS materials. This led to new ways of active sales campaigns, which were launched based on top aftersales services taking into consideration seasonal points of interest and personalised target group preferences.

Challenge 2: Customer Journey tools development

By 2017, taking into account the growing meaning of personalisation, role of emotions and the whole Customer Journey in marketing, a new creative concept was launched. Key indicators? Well known digital customer touch points, focus on positive, high quality services, using emotions to build dedicated offers to drivers.

With the help of field research and client workshops, we began executing the communication strategy using upselling user experiences, which are used by our team up to date.

Challenge 3: Dealer network support

Regular marketing activities use generated dealer toolkits to support local dealerships at multi-channel communication in the press, radio, outdoor and digital. All in line with centralised brand identity guidelines at each point of sales.

To attract customers each dealer has access to dedicated vouchers to its customers, who via a dedicated generator obtain personalised offers directly on the Volkswagen Aftersales website.

Challenge 4: Stay ahead

Own experience content for customers is key to developing an expert image to Volkswagen drivers. Each new car owner is supplied with a unique, personalised welcome movie, an interactive video attached directly to emails sent to customer after purchase. The movie holds information about the product, chosen accessories and features as well as additional, recommended services. All linked to external websites, where even more personalised content has been prepared, to make the experience as complete as possible.

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