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Educational e-learning platform for employees

An educational e-learning platform with attractive interactive lessons that combines gamification with substantive message content.

  • 2,000+ users per year, 100+ trainings.
  • 80% pass rate on tests thanks to a proprietary training development system backed by marketing research.
  • 864+ interactive lessons with gamification elements.
  • Increase in employee skills.
  • Technological and hardware preparation for conducting webinars and integration with external systems.
  • An extensive system for collecting data/statistics and reporting on educational progress.






In response to the need to diversify the path of knowledge acquisition for ŠKODA brand employees, we created the ŠKODA Training System - e-learning platform with interactive and user-engaging lessons as an attractive tool integral to the internal training process.

Challenge 1: Increase employee skills

Due to the large amount of information that employees face during onsite training, it became necessary to create a tool to help them consolidate the acquired knowledge. The unique e-learning format we offer increases the memorization of information and the desire to acquire knowledge. We construct lessons in such a way that the content is not repetitive, but complementary.

Gamification combined with the substantive content of the message motivates employees to use the platform more often and explore the knowledge themselves. Introducing a new employee to a company is a difficult yet necessary process to make their work more efficient. To facilitate the rapid growth of its competence, we have introduced dedicated implementation training for new employees. Thanks to the personalized approach, employees quickly find their way to the new workplace, which benefits both parties.

Challenge 2: Expand the tool and increase access to knowledge

The possibility of live online training in the form of webinars is another form of learning that we have enhanced the ŠKODA Training System with. In addition, with the ability to publish videos of training sessions and presentations, employees can return to them at any time, which supplements and consolidates knowledge, so learning becomes more effective.

Challenge 3: More convenient access to the platform

To make it even easier for our customer to use the training platform, we integrated it into the Volkswagen Group’s internal technology environment. ŠKODA Training System is therefore not a database tool – all information about employees remains inside the company, and they can use the potential of the platform in an unlimited way.

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