We create a strategy that takes into account local conditions, thus designing consistent communication and activation of specific target groups.

Personalized booking system

Creating a powerful online booking system that precisely meets the needs of hotel guests and the customer.

  • Maximum intuitive and functional reservation system.
  • Ongoing evaluation of the system.
  • Easy booking and payment on any type of device.
  • Making the hotel independent of OTA-type platforms and strengthening the boutique nature of the hotel.
  • Fully integrated system tailored to individual customer needs.






Challenge 1: A tool that will evolve with the customer

In the course of meticulous research work, we have made a operating scheme of the existing booking engine, discovering its weaknesses. Then we made thorough research and benchmarking of custom and generic tools, paying special attention to best practices. A lot of useful knowledge has also brought us a meta-analysis of available scientific research, dedicated to the needs of users.

The most important were in-depth interviews with the founders and employees of Shuum. We addressed their needs in order to be able to create a tool that fully fit them.

Challenge 2: Practical research

With theoretical knowledge, we went into action – we tested selected booking systems using proprietary test scenarios, prepared to compare functionality. Their results were an important reference point for us in further work. We also interviewed selected companies that create booking engines.

Due to this stage of work on the new tool, we have better understanding of our client needs.

Challenge 3: Developing an effective action plan

We started the strategy by synthesising and grouping key observations. By doing this, we have defined the key objectives of the new tool: relieving the registration department and providing the user with the possibility of comprehensive service and control of the online order. On the basis of KPIs, we have defined scenarios for the development of the booking module – the product should be able to be constantly developed, responding to future needs.

With this awareness, we were able to fully consciously clarify the technical requirements of the product and prepare detailed internal briefs.

Challenge 4: Create interactive booking mockups

At the heart of our interests is UX discoverability, understood as the ease with which the user will be able to make a reservation and find any elements of interest. The new system was to be as supportive as possible at every stage of the customer journey.

We started modeling the product. Strategic department have prepared a map of the user’s activities and a well-arranged information architecture. These activities allowed us to produce an interactive mock-up of the reservation, which we then meticulously examined in our research laboratory – AF.lab.

Challenge 5: Mock-up usability tests at AF.lab

We created a research scenario – each study consisted of: instructions, eye tracking tasks and in-depth interview. We have recruited a focus group using the “targeted selection” method to match the cross-section of the hotel’s potential customers. We selected people of both sexes, by age of 36-69 years. Due to our mobile research laboratory, we were able to carry out the tests despite the pandemic.

Comparing interest areas gave us information about key elements in the booking process. The research resulted in the improvement of final mockup.

Challenge 6: Final design of the booking engine

All previous actions allowed us to efficiently prepare the full user interface of the Shuum Hotel booking system – the most intuitive and supportive guests at every step. Clear structuring of the elements and precise microcopy guide the user, allowing him to plan a fully comfortable stay.

The guest can take advantage of the wide range of additional services, already at the booking level and has access to all the information about his stay in one place.

Challenge 7: Real-time implementation and evaluation

Shuum’s booking system functions like a living organism. Due to the fact that we have created it from scratch, it is possible to make efficient – and global – changes and improvements in its functioning, arising from new needs. The product, by its very design, maximizes our client’s development. The ongoing evaluation allows for efficient capture of potential opportunities and then their development.

Our dedicated IT team is taking care of Shuum hotel reservation system by maintaining its functionality and further development. Due to that, we can quickly respond to any needs, ensuring that the client achieves business goals.

Challenge 8: Boutique booking experience

Booking in the new Shuum hotel system takes place in a few simple steps. During the course, the hotel guest chooses the date, number of persons (including the age of the children) and gets the opportunity to personalize their stay – the use of room allowances and a wide range of treatments from the category Spa & Wellness. Due to use of multi-device approach, reservation and convenient payment are possible on any device. Integration with the hotel CRM system, on the other hand, makes it possible for the user to access only the rooms and offers available at the time of their choice.

Shuum’s new booking system fully fits into our client’s brand philosophy, offering guests a real boutique experience – already at the level of booking a stay.

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