The fast-moving consumer goods industry requires decisive action to distinguish the brand from the numerous competitors, so we designed many creative, original and strategic solutions to activate consumers.

Transforming the POL brand into an office authority

From the ground up, we created a new communication platform for the POL brand – positioning it as a leader in the paper market and ensuring product recognition.

  • Rebranding – developing brand visibility and enhancing brand credibility, emphasizing its position as a leader and expert in the paper market.
  • Introducing a new hierarchy of information on product packaging – more readable and consumer-friendly.
  • Extensive educational activities: expressive ambassadors, a dedicated landing page, SEO and Google Ads, and social media activities.





POL is a well know Polish brand of International Paper, leading paper manufacturer from Kwidzyn, Poland. Its products can be found at virtually every Polish office and are commonly known for their quality, professionalism and recurrence. The brand was in search for outstanding redefinition, new positioning and product strategy. Collaborating with experts and key stakeholders helped us rebuild brand visual language, introduce new identity, communication strategy an eventually promote POL at a completely new, higher level.

POL paper became an icon among Polish offices thanks to consistent execution of a well-developed product communication strategy. The brand is currently positioned much higher than simply paper, it is a supportive office partner at everyday struggles of modern office managers. It is an expert in the fields of work culture, ergonomics, comfort and quality for business leaders.

Challenge 1: How to make a common brand commonly known?

POL – unquestionable leader on the Polish office paper market, who’s products are on stock at virtually every office in Poland – had an issue with brand perception and acknowledgement. Consumer education helped us unlock brand’s true potential: sustainable development, focus on quality and support of businesses of its customers. It’s new image has been built around assistance, support and education for any office activity.

We have set values and goals that define POL as a brand distinguished by quality and long-standing standards that adapt to changing consumer needs – especially those related to sustainability and an increasingly difficult, often uncertain future. As a result of the strategic analysis, we helped spell out its advantages, making them the core of its communications:

POL as an expert: the brand supports consumers and business partners by educating them and providing contexts for the use of the products offered.

POL as a trust leader: the brand is characterized by mutual respect and support – in business cooperation and internally within the organization, towards the company’s employees.

POL as a partner in development: the brand is guided by a proactive attitude towards changes in civilization and concern for the well-being of future generations (concern for not upsetting the ecological balance).

POL’s brand DNA sequencing clarified its strengths deriving from local goals, which are paired with everyday office challenges. Brand’s new positioning – thanks to coherent communication – consolidated the benefits of purchasing POL paper products by consumers.

POL’s business strategy has been locked in guidelines of the brand wheel, which became a beacon for future communication and marketing activities. It’s repositioning strategy helped build a long-term vision and mission for the brand.

Challenge 2: How to make branding equally visible and functional?

New positioning led to further marketing and communication activities. Refreshed image required intense customer engaging tools to quickly adapt in the common office space of its users, staying visually expressive at the same time.

POL, as part of International Paper, derives its strength from both local and international authority. It is both symbolic and practical to underline both its independence and global positioning.

Brand’s new identity modernised its character and expanded the customer experience without separating itself from strong roots – high reputation and accessibility. We decided to continue and build on the grounded image, reshaping its typography and simplifying the mark itself. Letterspacing has been removed do make it more visible of any modern device.

New logo has been also introduced on refreshed paper packaging, much more user-friendly and organised to the human eye. The design is an essential element of any office, as paper reams are often stacked around workspaces.

New communication underlines key product benefits using geometrical minimalism – a clear answer to overdesign and visual chaos of aggressive branding. Lightweight colours made the lead red hue more lively and outstanding. These took effect in POL’s new shelf positioning, guiding the brand towards more conscious and innovative directions, keeping the identity universal, time-proof and supportive towards its customers.

Challenge 3: Can a paper ream change an office?

Analysing the previous brand communication led us to conclusions, that in order to gain a more educational character, an impactful coherence in its regular activities shall be required. A large-scale office management support programme has been launched, giving business owners a helping hand in coping with everyday organisation of a successful office in both educational and financial aspects.

Together with POL we decided to grant funding for office makeovers based on ergonomics and comfort using a lottery mechanism. Its sales driven foundations were enhanced by dedicated educational content based on initial research around most common office running challenges. We invited experts in the fields of administration, productivity, aesthetics and innovation to provide interesting content to customers.

We conducted engaging interviews with architects, coaches, accountants and business owners, to share their views and tips on how to run a modern office in a balanced, competitive way. We hand-picked 4 product ambassadors, each identifying with a specific type of paper.

Own content helped us build a dedicated landing page, promote the activation using SEO/SEM, Google Ads and social media. Published interviews were supported by photo coverage and short documentaries that allowed customers to take a look at how to use the advice in practice. Key POL market distributors and resellers were also engaged for increased purchase conversion. The final goal was to attract office managers and build positive habits around education and brand’s partnership.

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